31 August, 2011

31st Aug. After a long time away

After a long time away
8月31日 久しぶりだぞ

We have not visited TIOE for more than a month, because the students were in their school’s experience (student teacher activity) for 5 weeks and last week we were in Vava’u. Now, Tongans are very interested in the Rugby World Cup. A lot of Tongans are wearing red clothes which express national team Ikale Tahi’s color.
 教員養成学校に1ヵ月以上来ていませんでした。生徒達が5週間の教育実習だったのと、先週我々はババウにいたからです。今トンガはラグビーのワールドカップでもちっきりです。多くのトンガ人がナショナルチーム「Ikale Tahi」のチームカラー赤い服を着ています。

Though I visited TIOE after a long time away, I have only 2 more days (next week) to teach them before I leave. Oh man! Anyway, I’ll stick it out.
[Movie] TIOE動画:(22sec)

After TIOE, I called on Hepeti who is a representative of TSEA (Tongan Soroban=abacus Education Association) to make the problem clear to the colored Daybe that he must not say something bad which will destroy our volunteer activity. I have to hand over the information about the Daybe to Sakiko who is my replacement.
 Following that I asked Hepeti to withdraw money from TSEA bank notebook, which is related to abacus competition and which I paid.

Around 4 o’clock, I found the beautiful rose in front of my workplace.

I will be able to come to my workplace, CDU, maybe less than 10 times. Oh, very sad…

I found that the timers and stopwatches in CDU are broken so I decided to leave my timers and stopwatches for CDU. I used to use it in my class in Japan, and I can buy it easily after I come back to Japan.

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