05 August, 2011

5th Aug. Dunedin & Guinness

Dunedin & Guinness
8月5日 ダニーデンとギネスだぞ

Sione & Kalo brought me to Auckland airport at 8 o’clock. Malo. It takes 2 hours to get to Dunedin. I took this air company Jetstar.

After I arrived at Dunedin, first I visited my accommodation and then went sightseeing.

This is the Dunedin railway station. There is only one train everyday.

This is FORSYTH BARR STADIUM and it has opened today.
   FORSYTH BARR STADIUMといって今日オープンしたそうです。

I saw a river. We cannot see them in Tonga. We don’t have a river so we are drinking rain water from a tank.

After 40 minutes walk, I get to the world’s steepest street “Baldwin St”

What do you think of the picture. Because I cannot tell you about its force, I took a lot of movies.
[Movie] Baldwin Street動画:(11 sec, 19 sec, 17 sec, 14 sec,)

Because the street is too steep, we have to park the car like these pictures.
[Movie] Under construction House動画:( 16 sec)

Because the street is too steep, when we watch the street from the top, the car disappears at the steepest point.
[Movie] Disappear動画:(62 sec, 37 sec)

This is the world’s steepest pub the sign says.

They are the world’s steepest cats Torojiro says.

The streets next to Baldwin street are also steep. If they extend the road to the top, they can become as steep as Baldwin.
[Movie] Next Street動画:(12 sec)

To tell the truth, it was my second time to come here. I enjoyed it more than last time (12 years ago). In addition, I didn’t get tired maybe because I am training my muscles for my ski and thanks to my ski life I got used to steep slopes.

On the way back from the street, I went to a supermarket and saw a lot of Japanese food. Oh…miso, curry, dried seasoning for rice etc…Fantastic! We cannot buy them in Tonga.

I bought a famous Japanese noodles “Demae icchou” and…

Dr. Pepper cherry flavor. I cannot taste the difference.

A night view was also beautiful in Dunedin.

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