17 August, 2011

17th Aug. I managed to come back to Auckland.

I managed to come back to Auckland.
8月17日 なんとかオークランドだぞ

An airport staff woke me up around 5 o’clock, maybe because I was sleeping beside a door. After I took a shower in the airport, I wrote my blog.

Around 7 o’clock, I moved to the Jetstar company’s check-in counter and then I found out that, my airplane, which departs here at 9:10, was canceled and the next one will be at 2:30. Oh my god… It took me 10 hours to move from Wanaka by bus, and I have to wait for my airplane for 14 hours, in addition I paid NZ$560 to change my international air ticket. What a serious trip!

I ate breakfast at Burger King and then…

I was reading a book about education. I usually go sightseeing if I have more than 2 hours, but this time I stayed inside for 6 hours because everything was going very bad in these 3 days and there were so many irregular things so I decided that I should not do anything but I should concentrate on going back to Auckland. No more cancellations and no more changes please…

Around 2 o’clock, I got my boarding pass at last. I was still scared of some troubles.

The airplane has come. It seems to go to Auckland on time. I was relieved.

After 1 hour, I managed to arrive at Auckland and then ate Chinese noodles. Sione and Kalo came to pick me up. Thank you for coming.

At last, I came back to their house. I can stay here for 1 night and I will go back to Tonga tomorrow. Though I was forced to extend my trip, compared with my trouble in Niuafo’ou, everything is very tiny problems because even if I have to stay here longer, there are a great many attractive things in New Zealand especially electricity, tap water, gas, paved roads and so on.

Sione and Kalo said, they buy this coconut every week. Oh, this shape is very rare for me. In Tonga, we can drink and eat a coconut anytime we want and if we climb up a coconut tree, it’s for free. On the other hand, it costs NZ$7 (500 yen) in New Zealand. It can’t be helped for them, they miss the coconuts and it’s good for our health.
When an event is held, I have seen a coconut in Japan, I remember it costs 1,000 yen in Japan. After I come back to Japan, I will never buy it. It’s silly to buy it, because I picked it myself for free before.

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