22 August, 2011

22nd Aug. Vava’u Island

Vava’u Island
8月22日 ババウ島だぞ

In the early morning, 5:30, we left Nuku’alofa city center and then took our airplane to Vava’u. This time 5 officers (Sefo, Hiko, Hirono, Kimika and Torojiro) got on the same airplane. Manami, who is a new soroban girl, has already been in Vava’u.

Pungatoa, who is a school’s officer in Vava’u and because he is so dandy Hirono and Kimika are fascinated by him, came to the airport and picked us up.
 On the way to the school’s office, we took a look at the hall which we will use at the competition. This is Maama Mo’onia Hall and is the biggest hall compared with the other halls which we used before.
 スクールズオフィスへの途中、大会会場下見をしました。Maama Mo’onia ホールです。今まで使ったホールの中で一番大きいです。

We arrived at the school’s office. Manami welcomed us. Thank you for your preparation.
Sefo and Hirono are standing together.

In the morning, we had a meeting among the 6 officers.

In the afternoon, we had a meeting together with the Vava’u school’s officers. Especially we were talking about the staff meeting tomorrow. Sefo organized this meeting, it was a good meeting.

The only one problem was Torojiro. I was in a bad condition all day long. I played too much in New Zealand and its temperature was completely different from Tonga, in addition, the last 3 days I was sleeping in the aisle of the bus, airport and so on. It might have caused this illness.

I was supposed to go to the unique Chinese restaurant in Vava’u but I couldn’t. Instead, Vava’u volunteers and abacus officers brought take away food and medicines for me. Oh, thank you very much. I will recover from my illness as early as possible.

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