09 August, 2011

9th Aug. Stewart Island & Ulva Island

Stewart Island & Ulva Island
8月9日 スチュワート島とウルバ島だぞ

Around 11 o’clock, I visited Ulva Island which is Stewart Island’s outer island by boat.

This is the entrance of this island, Post Office Wharf.
   ここは島の入り口のPost Offce Wharfです。

I went around all of the sightseeing points and walked all of the tracks. This is Flagstaff Point.
   全ての観光名所と道を行きました。ここはFlagstaff Pointです。

This is Sydney Cove. I played with the swing 12 years ago with the American guests.
  Sydney Coveです。このブランコで12年前アメリカ人客達と遊びました。

O n the way, I saw a lot of traps, which catch rats. Rats eat important birds’ eggs.

I found a lot of birds. They don’t seem to be afraid of people.

This is not a kiwi, but a weka. It’s very friendly. This time I couldn’t see any kiwis.

This is Boulder Beach.
   Boulder Beach です。

This is West End Beach. That’s all we can visit. It takes only 3 hours to walk around this island but it’s exciting.
 West End Beach です。これで全部です。3時間で歩けますが、なかなか面白いところです。

12 years ago, I felt this island is very wild, but now I feel it’s very tidy because there are steps, signboards and guards all over the island. In Tonga, especially ‘Eua, there is no information and security equipment so we can lose way & our life whenever and wherever we want.

After I came back to the main island, I had still time to go sightseeing so I went to the east end, Ackers Point Lighthouse.
  メインの島へ戻って来た時、まだ観光する時間があったので、東の端のAckers Point Lighthouse(灯台)へ行きました。

What’s this object?

On the way, I saw a very big bone. Whose bone is this?

After 1 hour’s walk, I got to the point. I’m really satisfied with my Stewart Island trip.

Around 6:30 I went to the South Sea Hotel and had dinner.
   6時半頃South Sea Hotelに行って夕食を食べました。

I like this menu, Rib Eyes Steak (NZ$26). Tomorrow I’m going back to the South Island.

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