01 September, 2011

1st Sep. Asian Restaurant

Asian Restaurant
9月1日 アジアのレストランだぞ

Because the owner said they would open Little Tokyo restaurant in September, I visited there but it was still closed. Oh, I may not be able to eat the meal before I leave.

Since I was riding my extra rapid bicycle, I moved to the Korean restaurant. It took me less than 10 minutes from Little Tokyo restaurant, because my bicycle is very fast.

The Korea House restaurant’s owner is very kind. I ate a lot of food with the owner. I told her that I have only 3 weeks in Tonga, she said it’s very sad. Thank you for your kindness for 2 years. I will never forget your restaurant. Korea and Japan are relatives as Asian countries.

On the way to Melissa’s lesson, I saw the strange cloud. I hope it is not a foreboding of something bad.

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