24 August, 2011

24th Aug. Preparing the Hall

Preparing the Hall
8月24日 会場準備だぞ

In the morning, we practiced for the Oral and Flash problems. Sefo and Sione, who is a school’s officer in Vava’u and is fascinating Hirono and Kimika thanks to his dandy appearance, will take charge of reading. We gave them the situation practice a lot. Both of them have an experience so they must be good tomorrow.

What a skinny pig! It has owners but they don’t feed them. How silly the owners are!

Around noon, we went down to the Neiafu city center to have lunch. Soroban girls were wearing sunglasses and were putting up their parasols. Manami is looking for a proper parasol now.

The scenery in Vava’u is very beautiful. It’s whale season now so there are lots of yachts beside the wharf.

That’s the restaurant we went to. Sashimi (raw fish) was pretty good!

In the afternoon, around 3:30, we prepared the hall for the competition. This time, participants can use individual desks and these are almost the same size. The environment is very special as a Tongan competition. We are looking forward to the competition.

We took away 3 pizzas and some sweets. After that we ate them in our accommodation. Soroban girls prepared our table rapidly. They are good at preparing, eating and cleaning up.

Sefo and Hirono.
By chance Sefo was wearing this clothes which shows the number 34. “34” has a special meaning for Hirono, so they are laughing.

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