20 August, 2011

20th Aug. Preparation, Farewell Party

Preparation, Farewell Party
8月20日 準備・送別会だぞ

We prepared for the abacus competition in Vava’u. Though I’ve just come back from New Zealand, we are going to Vava’u next week. We are busy.

While I was in New Zealand, the sign board appeared next to my room. That’s good, because around our place is narrow and is crowded a little bit so it’s easy for visitors to find our workplace CDU.

At night, we had a farewell party. One JICA coordinator and his family are going back to Japan. They came to Tonga just before I came here so most of time, we were together in Tonga. Thank you for your trouble for 2 years.

After that, a lot of volunteers went to the bar Bill Fish, but I stayed at the dormitory because I’m scared of Faka Leiti. Around 12 o’clock, I got information that they would move from Bill Fish to Karaoke, so I joined. We had a very good time.
  その後、たくさんのボランティアがBill Fishバーに行きましたが、Torojiro先生はドミトリーに留まりました。Faka Leiti(おかまさん)が怖いからです。12時頃、Bill Fishからカラオケに移動するという情報をもらったので合流しました。楽しい時間でした。

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