13 August, 2011

13th Aug. Wanaka

8月13日 ワナカだぞ

Around 9 o’clock, I left Queenstown. I stayed here only 12 hours.

After an hour and a half, I arrived at Wanaka. This is the tourist information office.

Lake Wanaka is also very beautiful.

I found a Japanese restaurant and ordered Miso-Ramen (Chinese noodles). It was delicious. I want to come here again.

Today’s accommodation. I will stay here 3 nights.

After I checked in, I went for a walk for 6 hours. This is the monument lookout but I don’t know what kind of monument it is. Anyway, the scenery from here was very beautiful.

Following that, I climbed up Mt. Iron. 12 years ago, I came here and it became well-regulated. The scenery was pretty good as well.
[Movie] 動画 Mt Iron (25 sec )

After the mountain, I visited the Puzzling World. It has become tidier compared with last time I came here.

This is the Roman style toilet. Can you find the difference, a picture on the wall and a real toilet?

There are a lot of attractive illusions here. You should come.
[Movie] 動画 Puzzling World (10 sec )

This is a very big maze. Maybe last time I gave up to find a goal, but this time I managed to finish it in one hour.

After the Puzzling World, I visited Eely Point. What nice scenery!

I bought chicken nugget & chips and ate it outside. Though, it was very cold, I didn’t care.

This is my room. There are 8 beds and all of us are Japanese. A lot of semiprofessional free-style skiers and snowboarders are coming for their training and competition.

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