15 August, 2011

15th Aug. Storm

8月15日 吹雪だぞ

It has been storming since last evening, so all of the ski fields were closed today. Oh my goodness! In the end I could ski only once this time, but it’s OK because I got back my ski sense, though it’s not enough, and to tell the truth I don’t like all of the things I have to do before and after skiing in New Zealand. I mean I have to prepare a lot for skiing (arranging for the transportations, rental gears, meal, an expensive ticket and so on.) and I have to take care of my closing time (because of a taxi which picks me up) in addition I cannot go to a spa after skiing…  It’s not my ski style. Anyway, I am satisfied with my skiing this time, and I am looking forward to the next ski in Japan 4 months from now.

I was forced to change my schedule because of the storm. I visited the tourist information office and asked a lot of questions. Anyway, my mobile phone in New Zealand is working. Don’t worry.

After that, I rebooked my air ticket because the tourist information office cannot arrange an airplane ticket. Why?

Since the weather was getting better, I went for a normal walk to Albert town because there is the name on my map.
 On the way, I saw a wild rabbit.

After 30 minutes walk, I got there. Albert town is quite a normal town.

I want to live in such a beautiful place.

I found the unique shop and bar in this town.

I saw this house, which is on a tree. We call it Kitarou House in Japan.

Because the river is very beautiful…

The cone is swimming in beside a bridge.

This town is under construction so next time I come, it will be a big town.

On the way back from the town, I visited Puzzling World and had a cup of coffee.

After that, I went for a walk along the lake side. It was the opposite direction from where I visited the day before yesterday.

I saw Mt. Iron which I climbed the day before yesterday.

I went to the New World supermarket 3 times in 3 days. Everything is very glaring in this country.
   New Worldというスーパーマーケットに3日間で3回行きました。この国は全ての物がまぶしいです。

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