25 August, 2011

25th Aug. Vava’u Competition

Vava’u Competition
8月25日 ババウ大会だぞ

At 9 o’clock, the Vava’u abacus competition started in Maama Mo’onia Hall.
 9時、ババウ大会がMaama Mo’oniaホールで始まりました。

300 (30%)selected students came together from class 3, 4 and 5.

This is the reception. Kimika and Manami were in charge of it. There was less trouble thanks to Manami’s preparation.

This is our strategy that we put the line and schools’ name card in front of the students to line them up. At first it was working, but…

It became just rubbish. Oh man…but this is Tonga. In developed countries, it will not happen.

 This is the marking desk. The teacher sitting in the right side is Salesi, who was the principal of GPS ‘Aleleuta in Niuafo’ou Island.

Hirono was helping Sefo. What a very nice relationship.

These students are going to Tongatapu National Competition next March. Congratulations!

These are the winners of the teachers’ competition. Sai ‘aupito.

Koila, who is our Tongan language teacher Finau’s brother, won the prize in the school’s competition. He is teaching abacus very well in his school GPS Toula. He was the first teacher whom I asked to teach abacus correctly last year so I’m very happy to see the result.

We are the staff. Compared with last year, this competition was great. Though we should arrange a lot, I am satisfied with my last competition in Vava’u. Please make an even more excellent competition next time.

At night, we took the Chinese food away and ate it in our accommodation.

I gave No.301 YAMANEKO doll to Alwyn, who is the accommodation’s owner. Your accommodation is very nice.

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