14 August, 2011

14th Aug. Ski

8月14日 スキーだぞ

Around 7 o’clock, I ate a big breakfast. I have a good supermarket, New World, near my accommodation.
  7時頃、朝食をたくさん食べました。New Worldというスーパーマーケットが宿の近くにあります。

Around 8:30 I arrived at the ski field, Treblecone, by taxi. At last I can ski.

First, I rent my gears. I never rented in Japan, but it can’t be helped, because I am a tourist and in addition I came from Tonga this time. I paid extra NZ$16 to upgrade my ski to the high-performance edition.

At first, it was fine and I saw beautiful scenery but…

Around noon, it became a snowstorm. Maybe since I like snowstorms it came. When it comes, customers decrease and new powder snow increases. That’s good for me.

I have not used a bottom lift for a year, because I have not gone skiing for a year. Time flies.

I enjoyed skiing until 3:30. I usually enjoy it until the lift closes in Japan, but I had to finish it because my taxi came to pick me up. Although it was a snowstorm almost all day long, I brought back my ski sense. If it will be fine tomorrow, I can go to Cardrona ski field.
 I took movies while I was skiing. It’s difficult and little bit dangerous so I cannot recommend it to you.
[Movie] 動画 Ski(23 sec, 50 sec, 36 sec )

I visited the Japanese restaurant at dinner. I ate pork cutlet. I miss Japanese food but I am going back to Japan next month.

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