26 August, 2011

26th Aug. Farewell Party

Farewell Party
8月26日 送別会だぞ

We observed Sesilia’s class in GPS Neiafu. Although she has more than 50 students…

Her class is full of her strategy, so they are well-educated.
[Movie] Song of the Combinations of 10動画:(23 sec)

After her class, we had a evaluation meeting with the school’s officers. Since the competition was very good, we had a good negotiation.

Following that, I gave No.302 YAMANEKO to Lupe,

No. 303 YAMANEKO to Sione.

Pungatoa has already received 2 YAMANEKO dolls in March 2010. More than 1 year ago...Time really flies…

I gave No. 304 YAMANEKO to Sesilia. Thank you for showing us your great class.

From the left, Seini and Ota. They are working for the school’s office. I gave them No. 305 and No. 306 YAMANEKO.

The school’s officers in Vava’u are so dandy that Hirono and Kimika want to move here but they are not able to part from ‘Eua and Ha’apai, because they are country girls.

After work, we went sailing. This is our yacht. I heard we would observe the yacht race, but actually we were the contestants.

It was my first time to get on a yacht. It listed a lot but was exciting.

Now, it’s whale season in Vava’u.

At night, we had a dinner party. I thought it was just a dinner party, but it seemed to contain my farewell party. Oh…

I received a lot of gifts. Oh, I’m very happy.

Soroban girls made their original YAMANEKO. Oh my god… but I’m still happy. I’ll display them in my classroom in Japan.

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