29 August, 2011

29th Aug. The Last Seeing Off

The Last Seeing Off
8月29日 最後の見送りだぞ

I cannot remember how many times I came to the airport. I have never missed the opportunity to see someone off.
 It’s sure, next time is my turn.

One family had gone back to Japan. Thank you for your trouble in Tonga. I wish you good luck in Japan.

In the afternoon, I went to CDU after a long time away. Since I was apart from my work for month and I’m very close to finishing, I have a lot of things to do.

In the evening, Melissa came to my house and she corrected my blog. Long time no see! Now in my house, the Internet is working so it’s very convenient for us. Thanks to the Internet, I may be able to update my blog every day.

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