30 August, 2011

30th Aug. Packing

8月30日 荷造りだぞ

I did a lot of things in CDU, because I was away from my work for a month. From now on, I have to prepare for going back to Japan especially handing over my job to Sefo and my replacement.

I got 4 boxes for moving to Japan. In advance, I put my luggage in it roughly. I classify my luggage into 3 parts, what I will bring back, what I give to someone and my clothes which I don’t need. Though I will bring my bicycle back to Japan, my luggage is not so heavy. I want to reduce my luggage to less than 46 kg (only T$100 excess fee).

It was my backpack when my group members were taking a Tongan language training(Oct. 2009). This backpack is made in China so it broke within 3 months. When I pack my luggage, I have to throw it away.

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