23 August, 2011

23rd Aug. Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting
8月23日 スタッフミーティングだぞ

In the morning, I stayed in my accommodation because of my illness. My condition was getting better but just in case I stayed here. The other officers prepared for the staff meeting. Thank you so much.

After noon, we had a staff meeting. Sefo took charge as the main organizer. He explained well. Compared with the last Vava’u competition, everything is going well.

At dinner, the boys went to the Chinese restaurant. Fuyuhiko came here 3 straight days. It was Sefo’s first time to come to a Chinese restaurant 2 straight days. That’s good!

Since last year, when the restaurant appeared, I was fascinated by this warning. “NO OUTSIDE DRINKS IN!!!” There is no verb. It’s not grammatically correct, but we can understand what the owner wants to say. Maybe it means “Don’t bring any drink (also food) from the outside= Buy everything here”
  去年このレストランが出来た時から、この警告に魅了されています。「NO OUTSIDE DRINKS IN!!!」凄い英文です。動詞が・・・無い()。まぁ文法的には正しくないにせよ、オーナーの言いたいことはわかります。恐らく一切飲み物(食べ物も)持ち込まないで、ここで買って欲しいってことでしょう。

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