04 August, 2011

4th Aug. I’ve arrived at New Zealand.

I’ve arrived at New Zealand.
8月4日 着いたぞ

At 1:40 AM my airplane departed Tonga. When I left, a lot of people saw us off. Oh… I realize that next month I will be seen off by the JICA members and the time will be almost the same as this time.

Around 4 o’clock AM, I arrived at New Zealand. I was so sleepy but happy, because after a long time away, I can travel abroad. I came back from New Zealand 4 Aug. 2010 so just 1 year has passed and I have continued living in Tonga just for 1 year. That’s great!
I ate McDonalds right away, because we don’t have it in Tonga.

Everything is very beautiful in this country. Especially cars and…

super market. Amazing!! It’s completely different from Tonga.

Sione and Kalo, who are my Tongan landlord’s parents, picked me up at the airport. I can stay one night in their house. Malo ‘aupito.

Here is the YAMANEKO which I gave last year.

Kalo brought me to a library to use the Internet. I tried to change the airplane ticket but I failed so…

She brought me to the airport. It takes 30 minutes to get there, thank you for your driving. I’m going to Dunedin tomorrow.

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