31 May, 2011

31st May. GPS Puke, Puncture

GPS Puke, Puncture
5月31日 Puke小学校・パンク

In the morning, we enjoyed Zumba. That was exactly the same file which I practice every day.


Before noon, I visited GPS Puke to give them the level 7 and level 5 questions. The teacher Manulua and her students may aim at going to Japan.


I observed her abacus class. It was well-organized. She is teaching abacus to the class 3 and 4 separately.


They are class 4 students and have almost completed the “two combinations” skill. They are ready to learn multiplication. Compared with Ha’apai students and ‘Eua students, they seem to be far from going to Japan but they have a chance next year. Continue trying!

After I came back to CDU, I fixed Sefo’s bicycle. He had a flat tire before I went to Ha’apai. Thank you for waiting for a long time.

30 May, 2011

30th May. Dance, Photocopy, Confirmation

Dance, Photocopy, Confirmation
5月30日 ダンス・コピー・確認

Recently, CDU officers started dancing to lose weight. Kuniko brought a Japanese scales but it was useless in Tonga, though it’s working well for the Japanese…I mean the scales made in Japan can scale at most 100 kg, but almost all of the CDU officers weigh more than 100 kg. Unbelievable!  Oh, I can believe now, this is Tonga!


In the afternoon, I visited TIOE and photocopied the documents for the Ha’apai student who failed in the last examination but cannot take the exam this time in Tongatapu because of her pregnancy. I’ll ask Kimika to supervise the special exam.


At 4 o’clock, we took a look at the meeting room, which we will use at the volunteer meeting from the 8th to the 10th of June, and check the equipments(desks and chairs). We decided how to line them up roughly.

29 May, 2011

29th May. Church, Return, Pump

Church, Return, Pump
5月29日 教会・返却・空気入れ

I was invited to the church by Tevita, who is the JICA dormitory’s security guard. Recently I have been going to church often.

His father Fetoa is always riding his bicycle and he likes my bicycle very much.


After the church, I ate Tongan food with his family. Thank you for inviting me.

In the afternoon, I went to Vaini village by aggressive walking and met Jac. He lent me his tent for my trip to Ha’apai. Thank you for your help.


Recently, the portable pump for my extra bicycle had broken. In Japan, it’s not a problem, but it’s a great problem in Tonga. There is no portable (small) pump in Tonga, in addition my bicycle tube’s valve is the French type therefore we cannot buy it in Tonga.
 I ordered the pump, which fits my bicycle, on the Internet and sent it to my house in Osaka right away. After that, I asked my family to send it as early as possible after they receive it.

28 May, 2011

28th May. Triathlon

5月28日 トライアスロンだぞ

In the morning, I enjoyed softball with the JICA members. I have not played it for 2 years, but I managed to do it.
[Movie] Softball動画:(3 sec)

In the afternoon, we participated in the triathlon race. We were allowed to share the events (swim, bicycle and run).
 Yumi, who is collecting an animal’s bone, took charge of the swimming part (200 m). It was her first time to do the triathlon but she did very well.


Of course Torojiro was in charge of the bicycle part (only 7 km). It was the first time that I used my extra bicycle in the race. Today I got my maximum speed up to 41 km/h and my average speed was 33 km/h. I could pass about 10 racers because my bicycle is very fast and I am an abacus teacher.


Katsuya, who can operate a helicopter, ran 2 km after me. He passed maybe 3 racers so our place was perhaps 6th. There were 20 teams, so the result was great.


We are the “ Team YAMANEKO” From the left, Katsuya, Torojiro, Yumi and Aya, who is our coach. We stuck it out. Good job!

27 May, 2011

27th May. Nuku’alofa & KINE

Nuku’alofa & KINE
5月27日 ヌクアロファとKINE

Around 10 o’clock, we came back to Tongatapu. This is the boat we took.


After that, I stayed in the JICA dormitory for a long time. I updated my blog, sent e-mails and washed the tent.
 After 4 o’clock, I visited the tourist center and passed the document which Ha’apai diver’s shop owner Brian asked me to bring. Nuku’alofa is very convenient.


I bought an interesting pair of sandals. I cannot help laughing. This is an imitation of NIKE. How can I pronounce “KINE”?

26 May, 2011

26th May. Bye-bye Ha’apai

Bye-bye Ha’apai
5月26日 さようならハアパイ

I played tennis at Pilolevu Collage with Koichi and Yumi. We brought the rackets and balls from Tongatapu. We enjoyed it for 2 hours.


After that, I went to the airport to book the ticket. It took 5 minutes from Koichi’s house. Unfortunately there is not a morning airplane on Saturday (I have to participate in the triathlon in the afternoon), so I decided to go back tonight by boat.

At night, we had a “Tonkatsu Party” (a fried pork cutlet) at Koichi’s house. 9 people came together. It was a good party but I forgot to take a photo, maybe because of Koichi.


At 9 o’clock, we started boarding. I wanted to stay here longer but it cannot be helped.


Thank you for your kindness Ha’apai girls. Though you have only 12 days left, have a nice day in Ha’apai Koichi.

25 May, 2011

25th May. Relux

5月25日 リラックスだぞ

I had nothing special today. This is the Ha’apai wharf. Compared with the Tongatapu wharf, it’s very small.


There is a barbecue shop beside the wharf. It’s very cheap and delicious.


Around 3:30, I visited Petani primary school to observe abacus class, after school. This is the class 3, Lesili’s class.


At night, I saw the new boat ’Otuanga’ofa which is a Japanese donation. I may take the boat tomorrow if I cannot book the airplane.

24 May, 2011

24th May. Airport, Meeting Again, Farewell Party

Airport, Meeting Again, Farewell Party
5月24日 空港・再会・送別会

I visited GPS Faleloa, which is located in the north end of Ha’apai main islands, with Kimika. On the way, the airport crossing stopped us. It was my first time to see the crossing closed.
 After the airplane crosses the main road, the gate opens and we can cross the runway. That’s funny.
[Movie] Ha’apai Airport動画:(49 sec)

We called on Hiva, who was my student last year in TIOE, and observed his abacus class (Class 3 & 4). He can make effort and has a methodical nature like Sefo so when I saw his class, at once I realized that he is eagerly teaching abacus. He was also teaching the contents “Why the correct fingering is important” as I taught him last year.
 Last year, the school was poor at teaching abacus, but I am sure he can change it.


He said that he will start extra abacus classes after school soon and then, he wants to defeat GPS Pangai which is the No.1 school in the Kingdom of Tonga. I really look forward to running the Ha’apai competition on 28 July 2011.


After his class, I gave No.290 and No.291 YAMANEKO doll to Hiva and Seilani (Class 5 teacher). Seilani is Hiva’s wife and was also my class room student last year. Both of them were very good students and have similar personalities. Definitely GPS Faleloa is becoming a very good school.


Around noon, we visited Matafonua restaurant to have lunch. Kimika ate well as usual.


A few months ago, the cyclone hit the resort and broke a lot of accommodations. Recently the new owners are taking over the business and it’s getting better.



After that we swam a little and went back to Pangai which is the capital of Ha’apai Island. On the way, we found a beach where we haven’t come before. It was a beautiful beach.


At night, we had a farewell party for Koichi. He has to leave Ha’apai next month. Thank you for your trouble for 2 years. We ate and drank a lot.