18 August, 2011

18th Aug. No.300 YAMANEKO

8月18日 山ネコNo.300だぞ

It was very fine today. That’s great as my last day in New Zealand.

They were very kind this time as well, so I asked them to receive an extra YAMANEKO doll and it’s the memorial No.300 YAMANEKO.

Mostly I was having a rest, the only one thing I did was shopping. Kalo knows well which shop is cheapest, so we went around only 3 shops and I bought a lot of souvenirs to take back to Tonga.

I used the Internet for an hour and prepared for going back.

Thank you my room, thank you for your kindness Sione and Kalo.

Around 7 o’clock PM my airplane departed, and then, at 11 o’clock I arrived at Tonga. Though, there were some troubles in New Zealand, especially the storm, I enjoyed it a lot. This New Zealand trip was so to speak my rehabilitation for going back to Japan. I mean if I go back to Narita Airport directly, I will be surprised too much.

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