11 August, 2011

11th Aug. Completely fine in Milford Sound

Completely fine in Milford Sound
8月11日 快晴のミルフォード・サウンドだぞ

Around 8:30, I visited the tourist information office in Te Anau and asked about the old married couple who looked after me a lot 12 years ago. I knew only their first name, Graham & Thelma, but I didn’t know their surname and I cannot remember where their house is. Yet there are only 3,000 people in Te Anau, and it’s sure their house is in the city center so the tourist information lady called to some place and finally we got their information.
 Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet them, because they moved to Nelson (north part of the south island. I have no time to get there, so I will check their contact on the Internet and I will send a letter soon, and some days later I want to visit them.

At 10 o’clock, our bus left for Milford Sound. This bus is inclining and the ceiling is also a window, so even the passengers sitting in the back can see the scenery well.

On the way to Milford Sound, we stopped a lot. At every stop, we could sightsee.

This is Mirror Lake. On purpose the real sign is opposite, because the lake reflects it.

What a beautiful scenery! I came here 12 years ago.

I saw this pothole 12 years ago as well.

At 1 o’clock, our ship departed. I know that Milford Sound is one of the largest rainfall districts in the world but…

It was completely fine today. I couldn’t find any cloud today. 12 years ago, it was completely fine as well. Last year and 12 years ago when I did heli-skiing, it was completely fine. When I visited Yaku-shima Island for 4 days (some one said the island has 400 rainy days in 1 year), it was completely fine for 4 days. It’s common to me. In addition…
[Movie] 動画 Milford Sound ( 19 sec, 27 sec, )

I saw wild dolphins,
[Movie] 動画 Dolphin ( 120 sec, 205 sec, )

[Movie] 動画 Seal ( 110 sec)

and penguins. I’m very happy.
[Movie] 動画 Penguin ( 49 sec)

Water falls with a rainbow. How beautiful it is!
[Movie] 動画 Waterfall ( 37 sec, 61 sec)

This is a typical fiord. I can use this picture when I am teaching geography.

Please watch the beautiful scenery of a fiord.

When we came to the entrance of a bay, we went back. I saw a Norway fiord and New Zealand fiord. Both of them are very beautiful. I’m interested in fiords.
[Movie] 動画 Entrance of a bay (15 sec, 21 sec)

On the way back, I saw a lot of sheep. It’s normal scenery in New Zealand.

After I came back to Te Anau, I went to the library and checked my e-mail. It was almost closed so I used the Internet only for 10 minutes, so I will do it one more time tomorrow.

I bought Chicken & Chips and ate it beside Lake Te Anau. I can eat it while walking so it’s efficient, because we can save time to sightsee.

Since the tourist information staff told me, I visited the area, maybe this used to be the old married couples house I stayed here at that time. No one lives here now. 12 years was so long ago.

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