16 August, 2011

16th Aug. I cannot go back.

I cannot go back.
8月16日 帰られないぞ

In the morning, the tourist information staff said all of the buses would be canceled as well today. Oh my god… I have to change my schedule once more.

I asked Sorren, who is the manager of my accommodation, to check my flight. Though I changed my domestic flight schedule yesterday, I needed to change one more time. In addition, I had to change my international flight, because I am stuck in Wanaka and all of the transportation which will go to Qeenstown, Christchurch or Dunedin is not operating because of this storm. Oh man! Although I love snow…I don’t need any more snow.
 When I changed my international ticket, it cost NZ$560 (40,000yen). Wow! I paid NZ$430 (30,000yen) for 2 ways (Tonga to Auckland, Auckland to Tonga) before this trip, but now I paid more than 2 way’s fee to change my flight. Amazing! It looks as if Air New Zealand Company earns money by cancellation fees.
 I left my domestic ticket from Christchurch to Auckland, because it depends on which bus I can take.

Around noon, I went to the tourist information and then, I got the new information. One bus company may be able to go to Christchurch around 3 o’clock today, but it’s fully booked. Oh if I could take it, I might be able to go to Christchurch today.

Just in case, I waited for the extra bus beside the bus stop around 3 o’clock. At last the small bus came, and there seemed to be some available seats. I succeeded to take it. Oh I’m lucky but as a result I should not have changed my international ticket. I may be unluckey.

I have to go to Christchurch via Cromwell and Dunedin. It took 10 hours.

We left Dunedin around 8 o’clock PM. Oh long time no see. 10 days ago, I was here.

From Dunedin, I changed my bus to a big one, but there was no seat so I was sleeping in the aisle. The floor was shaking all the time but I slept well.

I managed to get to Christchurch airport around 1 o’clock AM. I had cancelled my accommodation on the way, and decided to sleep at the airport, because tomorrow morning, I will have my airplane.

There were lots of people sleeping in the airport. Most of them missed or changed their airplane because of the storm. I am not the only one. Anyway, the airline should take care of our tickets, though weather condition is not their responsibility, it is not our fault either.

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