03 August, 2011

3rd Aug. I am going to New Zealand.

I am going to New Zealand.
8月3日 ニュージーランドだぞ

I handed over very important documents and money for the Japanese abacus camp to Sefo. Though I have almost finished it, we need to receive their visa from the Japanese embassy and pay money for travel allowance, taxi, making passport and so on. I will not be here when the participants come to CDU because I will go to New Zealand tonight.

The day before yesterday, after karaoke, I left my jacket in the taxi on the way back to my house. I visited the Korean restaurant and asked for the taxi drivers mobile number and then fortunately I found it. I needed it for my travel in New Zealand so I was relieved.

In the afternoon, I went to the school’s office to ask the ministry to pay Sefo’s travel fee for the abacus competition in Vava’u. Maybe it will not go smoothly because Tongatapu school’s office is less-organized.

I asked my boss Teresa to write a comment and evaluation about my activities of the last 2 years. I will submit it to JICA later. I’ve almost finished my activities in Tonga.

After that, I visited Office Equipment to order the YAMANEKO stamp. This time, it’s not for the certificate but for my memory and souvenir. I asked the staff to make it completely the same as before.

I made Chinese noodles in my house. Aya, who is an aerobics teacher, gave me a special seasoning. With the seasoning, I can make it almost the same as I used to eat in Japan. In Tonga, Chinese restaurants don’t have Chinese noodles (Japanese taste).

Tonight, I’m going to New Zealand with 12 YAMANEKOs. See you soon!

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