07 August, 2011

7th Aug. Invercargill to Stewart Island

Invercargill to Stewart Island
8月7日 インバーカーギルからスチュワート島だぞ

It was windy and rainy today as well, but I could go to McDonalds. Even if it’s very bad weather, we can eat McDonalds because there are a lot of McDonalds in New Zealand. That’s great!

Because of the bad weather, I thought I cannot go sightseeing today, but…

I got a rental bicycle at a tourist information office for NZ$5 (350 yen). Bicycles always make me happy and aggressive. I decided to go sightseeing right away in the light rain, although it was so windy.
 This is the Invercargill station which I came to 12 years ago but I couldn’t remember well…

It might be the world’s most south located YHA. I’ll check it with the pictures after I go back to my house in Japan. Now the world’s most south located YHA is in Stewart Island.

These are pictures of the scenery of Invercargill. I saw all of the buildings which the guide map shows.

At the Noodle Canteen restaurant, I ate soup noodles.
 Noodle Canteen でラーメンを食べました。

At a pharmacy, I bought a drug for seasickness. I know how terrible the ocean is. 12 years ago, I got serious seasickness on the way to the island.

Before the bus departed, I was in the museum, which is next to the tourist information and the bus stop. Three are lots of animals’ bone. What do you think Yumi?

Around 3:30 I moved to Bluff by bus. It’s 28 km away from Invercargill and takes 30 minutes. Maybe this is the hotel I stayed at 12 years ago. Now it has the Internet, at that time, there was no Internet.

Even such a south end city, everything is more beautiful and tidier than the capital of Tonga, Nuku’alofa. Oh my goodness!

At 4:30, I took a ferry to Stewart Island. The ocean was rough as I expected. Yet the passengers were drinking beers. It looked like the normal ocean for them. Oh man!

Thanks to the drug and my technique for avoiding seasickness which came from Tongan life, I managed to arrive at Stewart Island.

This is the accommodation Jo and Andy’s B&B, which I stayed at 12 years ago. Long time no see.
 12年前泊まった宿Jo and Andy’s B&Bです。お久しぶりです。

First, I went to the restaurant South Sea Hotel. I came here at that time as well. I remembered that I was watching the rugby game All Blacks VS Wallabies with American guests here.
 I ordered this steak. It was delicious. After that because the staff recommended me…
  初めにSouth Sea Hotelというレストランに来ました。ここにも当時来ました。あの時確か、ニュージーランド対オーストラリアのラグビーの試合をここでアメリカ人ゲストと一緒に見ました。

I ate a cheese cake as a dessert. It seemed that I ate too much but today was special because after 12 years, I visited this island.
 Oh…this way of thinking is the same as soroban girls. I should take care of it.

After the restaurant, I went back to my accommodation and talked with Jo and Andy a lot. I think it’s very hard for them to remember all guests’ names or impressions, but they still remember my impression. Maybe because I played cup and ball very well at that time in front of them, and they were surprised at my technique. Thank you so much.
 I gave No.296 and No.297 YAMANEKO to Jo and Andy. They were pleased so I was happy.

Of course, it’s YAMANEKO’s first time to come to Stewart Island. Amazing!

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