31 March, 2011

31st Mar. We called on the Education Minister.

We called on the Education Minister.
3月31日 教育大臣を訪問したぞ

Around  9 o’clock, we visited the JICA office and met the chief. Mr. Fujii asked the chief to continue sending the abacus volunteers continuously.


After noon, we went to the ministry of education main office. Although, it’s not related to today’s article, Hirono and Kimika are always wearing the big glasses and putting up a parasol when it’s sunny.

Suddenly, Mr Fujii asked me to be an interpreter. I was surprised. Though, I was in charge of  interpreting yesterday when we had a meeting with the teachers, who participated in the Japanese abacus camp, all teachers are my friend so I could do it easily. On the other hand, it was my first time to meet the new education minister Dr. Ana so I was so nervous.

Mr. Fujii reviewed the competition, which we ran yesterday, the situation of Tongan abacus education, a new syllabus and asked Dr. Ana to come to Japan to participate in the ceremony of the ISDF (International Soroban=Abacus Diffusion Federation)’s 10 years anniversary next year. I managed to take charge of interpreting. I was relieved.

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