17 March, 2011

17th Mar. Radio Program

Radio Program
3月17日 ラジオ番組

I visited the school’s office and asked to broadcast the information about the abacus competition over the radio. We have a radio program every Friday for the teachers in all GPS (Government Primary School). I especially told them about how many students can participate in the competition from each school.

After work, I visited Barber Shouko. The Barber shop owner Shouko, who is the volunteer in my group, cut my hair. I felt refreshed after the hair cut. The hair style is good for the national abacus competition and entertaining Mr. Fujii from Japan. Thank you Shouko!
仕事の後、Barber Shoukoを訪れました。店主で同期隊員のShoukoちゃんが髪を切ってくれました。散髪後さっぱりした感じでした。この髪型はそろばん全国大会とFujii先生接待にちょうどよいです。ありがとうShoukoちゃん。

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