24 March, 2011

24th Mar. The abacus competition will come soon.

The abacus competition will come soon.
3月24日 もうすぐそろばん大会だぞ

The JICA office gave me a new projector. I can use it for my workshop, TIOE class, meetings and so on. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help.
 At once, I will use it for the principal meeting tomorrow. Sefo was supposed to take charge of teaching, but he is in Ha’apai’s outer islands. Because of the bad weather, he cannot come back before the meeting starts.
 I am able to be in charge of teaching tomorrow and next Monday at the staff meeting, but if he cannot come back by the time the competition starts, next Wednesday, it would be a great problem.

I could stay in CDU all day long, so I finished a photocopy of the official questions, making the document for the principal meeting, making the list of the participants from each school etc. Anyway, the schools office in Tongatapu doesn’t work at all.

After work, I taught abacus to Amelia. She succeeded 1-digit and 8-numbers flash problems.

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