30 March, 2011

30th Mar. National Abacus Competition

National Abacus Competition
3月30日 そろばん全国大会だぞ

We arrived at Queen Salote Hall at 7:30. At last the competition has come.
Queen Saloteホールに7時半に着きました。ようやく大会がやってきました。


I was very happy because the teachers, whom I taught abacus eagerly, came together. This is the Ha’apai team. Tupou has been teaching abacus very hard, especially after she came back from Japan.


This is the Vava’u team. School’s officer Pungatoa and GPS Toula teacher Koila led the students.


This is the ‘Eua team. Pesi and the young teacher Meleongo looked after them very well.


This is Puli from ‘Eua. She is in class 3 but participated in the class 4 competition and almost got the 1st prize in the written problem. That’s great!
[Movie] Class 3 student動画:(19 sec)

My landlord’s kid Amelia participated in the competition. She got a prize on the oral problem.


Sefo took charge of MC. Although he is not used to the duty, he did very well.

There were 308 participants this time. It was exciting.
[Movie] Participants動画:(6 sec)


Ha’apai team got almost all of the medals thanks to the charismatic teacher Tupou and their effort. Congratulations.

It was a great competition especially for the outer islands. I can say the schools, which continue practicing, got a good result. It’s quite common.


After the competition we had a meeting with the teachers, who participated in the Japanese abacus camp before.
 We have some teachers who have great experience and teaching skill, though Tongatapu’s result was very poor.


By the way, I gave interviews twice. Maybe it will be broadcast tonight. How shameful it is!

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