21 March, 2011

21st Mar. Seeing Off

Seeing Off
3月21日 見送りだぞ

20-4 volunteers have gone back to Japan. Thank you for your trouble.

On the way to the airport, I gave No.282 YAMANEKO-KO doll to Mariko, who is Yukio’s spouse. I gave No. 171 YAMANEKO doll to Yukio on 7 Dec. in 2009, so No.171 and No.282 became married couple YAMANEKO dolls. Thank you for taking care of me a lot for a year and a half since I came to Tonga.
This is the article when I gave No.171 YAMANEKO doll to Yukio.

At the airport, I helped them to check in. From the left Maiko, Mariko and Yukio. Though Koichi, in the right end, would not go back to Japan he has to leave Tonga in 3 months and I have to leave here in 6 months. Oh my goodness.

After work, I taught abacus to Amelia. Today, I showed flash problems to her. She can make 1-digit 3 numbers addition mentally now. Actually she needs at least 1-digit 8 numbers to win the subject.

Following that, I made my special curry and rice. My strategy was that I added garlic without cutting it. It became like a potato.

I made a YAMANEKO doll as usual. I succeeded to make it pretty as well.

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