05 March, 2011

5th Mar. Evolved Old Boys’ Meeting

Evolved Old Boys’ Meeting
3月5日 進化した おっさん部会

At 9 o’clock, I went to the JICA dormitory to clean the room. By chance, Taki, who is in my group and has the Buddha’s hand, helped me to move the sofa with his Buddha smile. Thank you Taki.

Around 11 o’clock, Hirono, Kimika and Torojiro visited the cafe called “Escape” and prepared for the national competition.

We confirmed the time table, staff meeting’s documents, marking duty’s documents and questions. We worked very hard while drinking smoothies.

By the way, Hirono and Kimika are on a diet, but they like eating very much. We cannot expect them to lose weight.

After that, we came to CDU and wrapped the gifts for the competition. We completed 80 gifts belonging to type A (an eraser and pencils) and 80 gifts belonging to type B (only pencils). Following that, they decided to bring abacuses and books back to Ha’apai and ‘Eua for their students. We finished work around 6 o’clock. Thank you for your work on a holiday.

Around 7 o’clock, the old boys’ meeting started. Today’s meeting was different from the usual one. Now 3 girls, who are in the outer islands, are in Tongatapu, so we invited them to come to the meeting.

There were 7 old boys and 5 girls, then the meeting continued until 4 thirty AM. We were sleepy but it was a great drinking party, not the old boys’ meeting but an exciting meeting.

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