19 March, 2011

19th Mar. Fundraising, Aggressive Walking, Abacus

Fundraising, Aggressive Walking, Abacus
3月19日 募金・散歩・そろばん

JICA volunteers joined a fundraising activity of the Red Cross and collected contributions on the main street

Ten of us went around three markets. A lot of Tongans care about the Japanese disaster. Thank you for your concern.

They came from the Japanese embassy.
We hope that our hearts will arrive at Japan soon.

After that I went for an aggressive walk as usual.
[Movie] Blow Holes動画:(19sec, 6sec, 18sec, 14sec,)

The sunset and a rainbow were beautiful as well.

When I was washing my bicycle, Amelia and Takai came to study abacus.
She has improved her skill and is ready for the competition, but I have not prepared for running the competition. I have to hurry up.

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