04 March, 2011

4th Mar. Two Meetings

Two meetings
3月4日 2つの会議だぞ

In the morning, Sefo and I cleaned our room politely, because we have a meeting here. At ten thirty, Hirono and Kimika came to CDU and prepared for the next meeting, which we have with the Japanese embassy. We had two meetings today.
 At one thirty, we had an abacus and mathematics meeting. We talked a lot about our activity since the previous meeting. I told my reviews of the outer island’s competitions, workshop, Tongatapu competition and examination system. All of us explained our activity well.

Around 4 o’clock, we moved to the embassy and had a meeting about the Tongatapu national competition. We discussed whether we will decide the ISDF camp participant from the competition’s result or not. We objected to the embassy’s way of thinking because the competition and how to choose the participant in the ISDF camp are completely different and if we choose the participant from the competition, a lot of students, who want to study abacus, will lose their motivations. Because only a few students can participate in the competition and there may be students, who want to participate in the Tongatapu competition but cannot because they are short of money to come from the outer islands. At last, the embassy agreed with us.

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