03 March, 2011

3rd Mar. Abacus & mathematics Pre-meeting

Abacus & mathematics Pre-meeting
3月3日 予備そろばん算数部会だぞ

Sefo and I visited the education minister again. Our documents were accepted smoothly today. We were relieved.

After that, we called on Hepeti, who is the representative of TESA (Tongan Soroban=abacus Education Association). Tonga is a small country with 100,000 people, and so city officers nearly equal government officers.

At 6 o’clock, we were invited by Yukio, who is a CDU officer belonging to the mathematic room. They provided us with a lot of food. Thank you for inviting us. We had a very good time.

We are the abacus and mathematics members. Hirono and Kimika came from ‘Eua and Ha’apai to participate in the abacus and mathematics meeting tomorrow.
 Yukio and his wife Mariko are going back to Japan on 21 March. Oh time flies…

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