25 March, 2011

25th Mar. Cyclone Warning

Cyclone Warning
3月25日 サイクロン警報だぞ

We were supposed to have a principal meeting, and then I wanted to choose 30 staff and make the participants’ list.
 Actually, only 15 principals (of 46 schools) came together, maybe because of the cyclone warning. They got a great excuse to stay home. Anyway, the meeting was delayed to next Monday. We must be very busy on Monday.


I received 1,600 abacuses from Japan. Thank you very much. I will give them out to the GPS which are short of abacus. Though, I cannot do it before the abacus competition.

In the afternoon, I called on Hepeti, who is a representative of TSEA (Tonga Soroban=abacus Education Association) to confirm Mr. Fujii’s visit. Hepeti wants to invite Mr. Fujii to ‘Oholei Beach, where we can watch a Tongan dance and eat Tongan food. That’s a good idea.


At night, I made two abacus edition YAMANEKO. The day before yesterday, I made only the abacus part. Because it was dry, I could make the rest.
 Now they have no face, maybe tomorrow I’m going to make it. By the way, though I will make YAMANEKO and YAMANEKO-KO, I found that if I don’t make the face, YAMANEKO and YAMANEKO-KO are completely the same. Oh man!

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