09 March, 2011

9th Mar. My work is piling up.

My work is piling up.
3月9日 停滞中・・・

I called on Tevita, one of the school’s officers, the same as yesterday. He tried to call P, who is the boss of adjusting the date of the abacus competition and is in Ha’apai now, but he failed.
I asked the offices to arrange our competition on 30 March, but someone put the sports day on the same date. I have to invite Mr. Fujii, Hirono, Kimika and outer islands’ kids so I cannot change the date, that’s why I am coming to the office and the Japanese embassy every day.

At the JICA dormitory, I gave No.280 YAMANEKO doll to Hiroyuki, who is one of the 20-4 volunteers and is going back to Japan 21 March. He looked after the junior volunteers all the time, bringing us to tennis, sightseeing, eating and so on. We all miss him, thank you for your trouble for 2 years and please enjoy your life in Tonga for 12 more days.

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