08 March, 2011

8th Mar. Suddenly

3月8日 Suddenly

Around noon I went to the Talahiva restaurant. I wanted to eat Ota ika (Tongan raw fish) but they were short of fish so I ordered Kentucky (fried chicken). It was oily but very cheap, 5 pa’anga (250 yen).

In the afternoon, I visited the school’s office to arrange the date of the competition. We were supposed to hold it on 30 Mar. but yesterday I heard it will be held on 1 Apr because of a sports day. Some of the outer island teachers are about to book their airplane and accommodation so I tried to recover it. I explained our situations so hopefully we can run the competition on 30 Mar.

Around 6 o’clock, Sachiko and Miyuki called on me. They wanted to meet the wooden YAMANEKO (the boss) not Torojiro.

I provided them with my special curry and rice. Of course I added three whole bulbs of garlic to it. Sachiko said it’s short of garlic, so next time I will try to use 5 whole bulbs of garlic. Anyway it was delicious. By the way, there are 3 girls (Sachiko, Miyuki and Kimika) and 1 boy (Koichi) in Ha’apai, Koichi ate my special Mabo-tofu in January so I can say Kimika missed a great opportunity to eat my special meal, because she left Tongatapu yesterday. How I pity the girl!

Have a nice trip to Ha’apai!


  1. じゃあ今度の上タプで手料理期待してます~♪

  2. Kimikaさん コメントありがとうございます。