10 March, 2011

10th Mar. Direct Appeal

Direct Appeal
3月10日 直訴だぞ

P, who is the boss of the school’s office and is in Ha’apai now, could not call to Tongatapu office though we left many messages on his mobile and asked Kimika, who is a Ha’apai volunteer to ask him to call us. Instead P made Oli, who is a Ha’apai school’s officer and is a very hard worker, call the Tongatapu office and tell them the answer- P doesn’t know about the abacus competition date, it’s the director’s decision. It’s sure; he did not do anything to rearrange the date.
I called on Peaua, who is the acting director of education, to rearrange the date, because I had already submitted the official letter. Fortunately her notebook says the abacus competition is on 30 Mar. that is the same as I planned. In addition, she said that she told P to put the competition on that date. We are not sure what happened, anyway, Peaua rearranged the date right away for me. Today, the acting director said YES, it means definitely we can hold the competition on 30 Mar. Thank you Peaua! I really appreciate your help. Maybe we are close friends because Peaua’s ua means 2, and Torojiro’s Tolu means 3 in the Tongan language, in addition sometimes we meet at a market in Nuku’alofa. On the other hand we will never rely on P anymore.

At dinner I made my special curry & rice. I used three whole bulbs of garlic and it was delicious. I will bring it to CDU tomorrow and make it again for the farewell party on Saturday.

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