11 March, 2011

11th Mar. Farewell Party in CDU

Farewell Party in CDU
3月11日 CDUの送別会だぞ

We had a farewell party for Yukio and his wife Mariko at CDU. He has worked at CDU for 2 years. Thank you for your trouble. I have been working beside him for a year and a half, I will miss him and after 6 months I have to leave here too.

They received gifts from us. One of them is a miniature of a yacht. We expect them to come to Tonga again by this yacht, though it’s too small to get on.

Before the party, I gave No.281 YAMANEKO doll to Sela. She turned 21 this January but at that time she was in New Zealand, so at last I gave her birthday presents today.

The 21st birthday is special in Tonga, so I gave her a Japanese fan and a miniature of a Japanese traditional ball. She was pleased so I was happy.


After work I visited the JICA dormitory and prepared for another farewell party.

Around 8:30 PM in Tonga, the serious earthquake happened in Japan. Tohoku district had the biggest earthquake we have ever experienced, and a tsunami. I watched it on TV. Oh my god… The tsunami may come to Tonga tomorrow morning.

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