27 March, 2011

27th Mar. Am I emotionally unstable?

Am I emotionally unstable?
3月27日 情緒不安定かな?

In the morning, I completed two abacus edition YAMANEKO (and YAMANEKO-KO) dolls. I was very tired, but happy because I can achieve my goal, which I couldn’t do last year.

Around noon, I visited the JICA dormitory and used the Internet. And then I went to the Chinese restaurant with Koichi. I forgot to take a photo. Every time I forgot it when I am with Koichi. Maybe I don’t want to take a photo with him…just kidding.


When we went back to the dormitory, Hirono and Kimika were there. We talked about the staff meeting, which we have tomorrow. They are always mean to me (almost a joke), but today they were very kind to me, and when we were talking about the next ‘Eua competiton in October, they said “At that time, Torojiro will not be here, we are sad.” They have never said such a tender speech, so I was surprised and became sad as well. I have only 6 months left.
 I hope their kindness will continue until I leave Tonga.

By the way, Hirono and Kimika belong to diet club activities. The leader, Taichi, may see this picture, but don’t misunderstand please. In fact they are holding the cake, but they are just pretending to eat. Actually they served the cakes for me and I ate all of them. That’s all.


Around 5 o’clock, I left the dormitory and went for an aggressive walk for a change. Thanks to their kindness, I felt like crying.
 The Blow Holes were the greatest I have ever seen.
[Movie] Blow Holes動画:(18sec, 7sec, 66sec, 37sec )

On the way, I got my speed up to 51km/h. Though my ski is much faster than it, this is a good training for my skiing. Though, we had better take care on Tongan roads (there are lot of holes), it may become a good training for a bump skiing slope as well. Anyway, I walked rapidly today.


At night, I made a black YAMANEKO. In the YAMANEKO BOX, we are short of the black YAMANEKOs.
 I will make black ones for a short while.

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