15 March, 2011

15th Mar. Teaching Abacus

Teaching Abacus
3月15日 そろばん指導

I’m supposed to take charge of the chairman position in the next volunteers’ meeting in June. After I sent the e-mail, which informs of the date, place, contents and so on, I printed it out and put it on a notice board in the JICA dormitory. Everything about the meeting is going well now.

When I was riding my bicycle, Hiromichi, who is a senior volunteer and is in my group, called to me and invited me to lunch at his house. Thank you very much.

In the afternoon, I donated money to Japan through the web site Yahoo Japan. Of course it’s for the Japanese people to recover from the natural disaster that happened on 11 Mar.
 The more information I hear on TV or radio, the more scared I become. After the most powerful earthquake we ever recorded, the great tsunami hit Tohoku district, especially Miyagi prefecture. Nearly 10,000 people have died or are still missing now.
 Fortunately, my relatives in Osaka and Nagano are safe, but there is another big problem. Nuclear Power Plant!
Because of the earthquake and a power failure, it could not make itself cool so it may explode. If it explodes, a lot of radioactivity will be gushed out. It means the whole of Japan will be in danger. How terrible! I hope Japan will be good.
午後、Yahoo Japanを通して募金しました。もちろん3月11日に起こった自然災害から立ち直ってもらう為です。

At home, I taught abacus to Amelia. She seems to be chosen as a participant of the national competition on 30 Mar. Only 10% of students can join the competition. Congratulations!  On the other hand, Takai, who is Amelia’s younger brother, failed. You have another chance next year!
[Movie]Amelia’s Abacus動画:(14 sec, 26 sec)

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