22 March, 2011

22nd Mar. I visited a lot of places.

I visited a lot of places.
3月22日 たくさんの場所だぞ

I visited the school’s office and then moved to the main office, because the school’s officers did not work as usual so I asked the minister directory. We talked about Mr. Fujii’s visit.

Following that, I visited the JICA office and the Japanese embassy. We were talking about the competition.

When I was eating lunch, the school’s officer called and asked me to come to the school’s office. They had something to ask me about Mr. Fujii’s visit and the competition. Maybe the main office called them. It’s too late. I was angry but I visited them and replied to their questions. How kind Torojiro is!

At 2 o’clock, the Tongan TV producer ‘Anau called on me. Tongan TV will come to the abacus competition to report my activity.  After we confirmed a lot of things, she asked me “What’s your hobby in Tonga?” I replied
“Well…I had a lot of hobbies (skiing, paragliding, traveling and so on) in Japan but in Tonga I cannot do them so now my only one hobby is…Making YAMANEKO dolls”
Of course she asked me
 ”What is YAMANEKO?”
By chance, there are 3 YAMANEKO dolls in CDU so I explained about YAMANEKO and my goal. She is very interested in YAMANEKO. After my activity’s report she may report about YAMANEKO on TV.
 I gave No.283 YAMANEKO doll to ‘Anau.

After that, my camera was broken. The shutter stopped working. It can’t be helped because I have been using it for more than 5 years. I cannot take photos anymore. Oh my goodness. I have to ask Buddha. Oh! By chance I have Buddha in my group. Taki, who has a Buddha face, is supposed to go back to Japan temporarily this weekend up to the second week of April to participate in his elder brother’s wedding. I asked him to bring my new camera to Tonga. Of course I will choose my camera and finish payment on the Internet.

After I came back to my house, I taught abacus to Amelia. I could not take a photo because my camera broke.

I took a photo of my broken camera with my previous camera. The previous camera was broken in 2009 in Ha’apai. The monitor was broken but it still has camera functions. Until Taki comes back, I will try to take a photo with this broken camera.

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