07 March, 2011

7th Mar. We visited GPS Hala’ovave.

We visited GPS Hala’ovave
3月7日 Hala’ovave小学校へ行ったぞ

At 11 o’clock, I observed abacus and mathematics class at GPS (Government Primary School) Hala’ovave with Yukio, Hirono and Kimika.

The class, class 4, is well-organized. I observed the teacher Lini before, she is a good teacher. We can realize it from the students’ attitude.

Almost all students understood how to make abacus and she was looking after low level students especially. It was completely different from ordinary Tongan teachers.

After the class, Yukio gave Lini his gift from Japan, Kintaro candy (a candy bar made so that Kintaro’s face appears wherever the bar is cut. He is going back to Japan 21 Mar. We will lose a great person from Tonga.

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