03 July, 2011

3rd Jul. YAMANEKO photos have come from overseas.

YAMANEKO photos have come from overseas
7月3日 世界から届いた山ネコ写真

It was raining all day long so our scuba diving was canceled. Instead, I will update YAMANEKO photos which I have received lately.


From Yukio in Japan  18th Apr.2011
Here is YAMANEKO at Yukio’s house in Japan. Yukio was working for CDU as one of the mathematics members. Yukio and his wife Mariko looked after me a lot. Thank you for your kindness in Tonga. How’s your Japanese life going? I am completely fine the same as before. Though I have only 2 and half months left, I’ll stick it out.


From Sela in Tonga (Western District)  1st Jul.2011
 She is one of my close friends in Tonga. She is an American Peace Corps volunteer, same group as Melissa, and this time she visited East Bay in Auckland (New Zealand).
 Sela and her YAMANEKO look very happy, perhaps they are traveling an urban place. Usually we are living in a tiny country, so sometimes we need a psychological break.
 彼女はとても仲の良い友達の1人です。Melissa先生と同じアメリカン・ピースコープ・ボランティアで、今回ニュージーランドのEast Bayに行きました。Selaさんと山ネコはとても幸せそうです。多分都会を旅しているからでしょう。


The other YAMANEKOs.

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