20 July, 2011

20th Jul. Good Jog!

Good Jog!
7月20日 グッド・ジョグ!

Until I met Melissa in the evening, I forgot to take a photo, maybe because I was busy today. In the morning, I made the documents for the abacus competition, thank-you letter and so on.
  I had lunch with the ambassador, counselor and Manami at the Mikado restaurant. After that I saw Manami off at the dormitory. She had gone to Vava’u. I wish you good luck in your island…I miss you…Oh I remembered, we can meet in Ha’apai next week when the abacus competition is held. I don’t miss you.


After Melissa’s lesson, we went for a jog to the Teufaiva stadium. She is building up her physical strength.


Who is this stranger?

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