24 July, 2011

24th Jul. Husband & Wife YAMANEKOs

Husband & Wife YAMANEKOs
7月24日 夫婦山ネコだぞ

It was not snowing but raining almost all day long so mostly I was in my house. I wanted to go for an aggressive walk to the Blow Holes but I couldn’t. Instead I was training my muscles for my skiing in New Zealand next month and after 5 months (next winter season) in Nagano prefecture. My condition is getting better especially my abdominal muscles; muscles around the shoulder and the lower limbs’ muscles are more defined. Perhaps now I can put up with my speed (more than 50 km/h) and an impact from bumps at the snow field. I wonder if my ski school members in Asahi village are doing well.
By the way, hey Torojiro! Are you sure? You have to go back to your work before you go skiing in Japan.


In the evening, Hiko, who is my colleague in CDU, and his spouse Noriko came to my house. Tomorrow Hiko and I are going to Ha’apai for an abacus competition. He can pick me up but he doesn’t know where my house is exactly, so he came and checked the way. Thank you for coming and I gave them No.294 and No.295 YAMANEKO & YAMANEKO-KO, so to speak a married couple YAMANEKOs. Now the YAMANEKO serial number is very close to 300.

I may not be able to update my blog in Ha'apai. I will stick out. See you soon!

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