13 July, 2011

13th Jul. Moving Around

Moving Around
7月13日 動き回ったぞ

I went to Air New Zealand to pay money for the Japanese abacus camp next month. Everything is going well so far. At that time, there was a very low tide. I have never seen such a low tide but it was not a foreboding of a tsunami. I was relieved.

In the afternoon, I called on Pone in the school’s office, and asked him to write a letter to arrange an official leave for the teacher who will participate in the Japanese abacus camp. After this, I will make a VISA for them at the Japanese embassy.


Around 3 o’clock at CDU I made the official questions for the outer islands’ competition. I completed about half. Maybe tomorrow I can finish it. After 2 weeks from now, we have the first competition of the school year in Ha’apai.


By the way, Japanese used cars in Tonga are very beautiful. Oh man…


After work, I met Melissa and she corrected my blog, then she went back to her house with Taika.
 Following that, we went to Teufaiva sports field to jog. After that, I moved to the JICA dormitory to check and reply to e-mails. I received nearly 30 e-mails today, because I am arranging the Heilala festival and asked the participants whether they can help to run the Japanese booth or not.

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