09 July, 2011

9th Jul. The First Farewell Party

The First Farewell Party
7月9日 1回目の送別会

Taika was having a rest on the shelf hung from the ceiling. That’s great! Last time he came to my house, he couldn’t jump to the shelf.


At 3 o’clock, we enjoyed tennis as usual. I got there by aggressive walking. Since only 4 members came, we played without having a break.


At night, we were invited to a tennis club party by Matazo and his spouse Akiko. It was also my farewell party. It seems to be too early, but actually I have only 2 and half months. In this month, I run the abacus competition in Ha’apai, in August I’ll go to New Zealand, after that I am supposed to run the second abacus competition in Vava’u and in September I want to travel around Tonga. Following that I have to prepare for going back to Japan. So maybe I will be able to play tennis only a few times…I’ve almost finished my life in Tonga.


It was a great party. Thank you for arranging it. When I left my workplace in Nagano (2009 March), I was invited to a lot of farewell parties and I gained 5 kg in 10 days so I will take care of my body, though it makes me very happy.

Oh…lately, I have not gone to a kava party. I want to go there but I’m very busy on Saturday.

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