07 July, 2011

7th Jul. Tsunami, Taika, Strategy Meeting

Tsunami, Taika, Strategy Meeting
7月7日 津波・Taika君・作戦会議

When I went to CDU, suddenly a tsunami warning came. Since all of the CDU workers started evacuation, I decided to move to the hospital.
At last the tsunami didn’t come. I am safe, thank you for your concern.


After work, Melissa called on me and I provided her with my special Mabo-tofu. I didn’t have enough time so I added only one whole bulb of garlic. I am sorry.

I will look after her cat Taika because she will go to the outer island, Ha’apai. Have a nice trip.


At 9 o’clock, I went to the JICA dormitory as well. Hirono came from ‘Eua to go to the Ministry of Education and request the important thing for Sefo. We had a strategy meeting for tomorrow.

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