08 July, 2011

8th Jul. Direct appeal again

Direct appeal again
7月8日 また直訴?!

In the morning, Hirono and I brought the letter in which we asked the Minister of Education to allow Sefo to stay in CDU as an abacus officer. Because of the wrong, untrue, silly, stupid or poor decision, Sefo may be forced to move his workplace. Although his replacement can come to CDU, I cannot teach everything within 2 months (before I leave Tonga). When my replacement comes in October, both of the abacus officers will be new faces. It means we cannot continue the Tongan abacus education. In general, Tongans don’t have foresight.


After that, we had lunch at Café Escape. The fish & chips were delicious. Though, we could not meet the Minister, Pone will tell the opinion as the school’s officer and we left our letter (Kimika sent a letter from Ha’apai and we brought it with our letter. Thank you Hirono and Kimika!  Yet you missed the fish & chips poor Kimika.) Anyway, we stuck it out!


Following that, I went back to CDU and finished my work, and then moved to the JICA dormitory. Hirono and I booked the ticket for the participants in the Japanese abacus camp, because when I visited the Air New Zealand office I could not find a proper ticket. Thanks to Hirono’s help, I managed to finish the job. I will pay 7,000 pa’anga (350,000 yen) temporarily.
 By the way, the restaurant where we had dinner today was nice.


  1. Fish & chips私もたべたーーーい♪ 食後にチーズケーキも♡♡

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