11 July, 2011

11th Jul. Captain Cook

Captain Cook
7月11日 キャプテン・クックだぞ

It was a public holiday today.

Taika likes louver windows. He is very cute. Yet why does he come here? Because…

there is another cat outside. It’s a baby cat, smaller than Taika.

I found a big centipede in my extra bedroom but its movement was very slow and it looked weak-maybe because it’s winter now. Since I don’t like insects I like winter very much but in Tonga these insects are active all year round, though they are not so strong in winter.
 After I sprayed Mortein (a very strong insecticide), I moved it to the outside. Maybe soon, mice will come to eat it. My house is well balanced.

Around 4 o’clock, I went to the Captain Cook’s Landing Place by aggressive walking. I enjoyed 34 km walking.
  4時頃、Captain Cook’s Landing Placeへ攻撃的歩きで行きました。34kmのウォーキングを楽しみました。

At night, my lap top PC adapter was broken again. It was more serious than before, so I may not be able to fix it. Hopefully the Data Line PC shop has an adapter that will work. I will use an extra PC for a while.

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