25 July, 2011

25th Jul. Ha’apai

7月25日 ハアパイだぞ

At 5:30 I left my house and went to Ha’apai by this airplane DC-3. Anyway I was sleepy.


We prepared for the staff meeting (made the documents) with Kimika, though we have almost completed it, thanks to Kimika’s work and our experience.


After lunch, we took a look at the abacus competition’s hall a little bit. This is Ha’apai High School’s hall.


Around 4 o’clock, we visited GPS Pangai where we will have a staff meeting tomorrow. Tupou was teaching an extra abacus class. She is really eagerly teaching abacus after she participated in the Japan abacus camp last year.


When we came back to the school’s office, I saw Ifa, who is a school’s officer, reading out oral questions to his kids. He is supposed to read the questions at the competition and his kids failed in the selection to take Tupou’s extra class, but they are still trying to improve their level every day. Ha’apai abacus situation is great, that’s why Ha’apai won the national competition. A tiny Tongatapu should learn from this great island


Kimika invited us to her house. She is very good at cooking though she doesn’t match a bicycle. Thank you for providing us with a meal.


Ha’apai competition must be great!

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